So I have come to the conclusion that I am too trusting and people walk over me all the time this is a summary of how im feeling

I am the reason I am who I became, because i was so trusting to give my heart

You walked over my feelings like I was nothing even now we are apart

But now I am restless and I am hungry for what love we used to have with you

But you are the reason I pushed forward only to find out that you did the things you do

So as I stand here holding in one hand a knife and the other a rope

I'll smile as tears fall down my face for you was my very last hope...


You are the part of me that I cannot seem to get out of my head

I feel sick to my stomach as I keep wishing I was dead

But as the voices in my head tell me that you was only there to hurt

I begin to pick up the shovel as I dig my grave in this dirt

You made me feel foolish and like a stupid dope

My tears wont stop falling for you cause I never lost hope...

The End

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