This is a poem that is meant to be read with a beat...kinda like rap :P but not necessarily with rhymes all the time.

I’ve scene people crumble.
I’ve seen them give in.
I’ve seen them as their worlds all around them cave in.

Nations they have risen.
Empires they all fell.
Dictators rose to power.
and the fascist leaders failed.

Everywhere I look I see them.
They are far and wide around me.
They are poor.
They are rich.
And they change.
And they hate
And they love.
And they rise
And they fall 
And yet still they’re all the same

So what is the purpose?
What's the reason that we live?
Nothing lasts forever.
Nothing seems to stay together.

What if we die?
But what if we live?
What can we do
to stop this shame?

This world is full of problems.
Full of hate
Full of anger
It’s full of lust
and Full of pride.
It’s full of greed
And full of malice
Full of everything inside.

So tell me, how can we stop them?
how can we go on?
Everywhere I look I see the good sparks going out.
Consumed by envy.
Slain by apathy.
Slaughtered by racism.
Taken with hatred.
It’s all just going wrong!

So many questions that still don’t have an answer.
Born into a world as it all seems to fall apart.
Has it ever been different?
And will it ever change?

I say YES!
Yes it will.
I’ve got hope, I’ve got strength.
I’ve got help,  I’ve got life.
I’ve got friends, I’ve got GOD!

If He is for us, then who can be against us?
If He is my friend then who could be my enemy?
He’s the question.
He’s the answer.

He is the light in all this darkness.
Not a spark not a glow.
He’s not candle or a lamp.

He’s the moon, He’s the stars.
He’s the sun, He’s the reason for this good.
He is Chast'y, He is Temperance.
He is Patience and He’s Kindness.
He is Humility and LOVE.
My God is all these things and more.

So let them say they’ve won.
Let them take all that I have.
There is one thing that cannot be held.
One thing that cannot be touched.
One thing that gives me hope.
My God is VICTORY at last.

The End

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