I turn my face to the wind

is this the way you ride

imagination runs away with me

you rest deep inside

Nothing I can do

nothing I can say

my longing for you

so profound

from this I will not sway

But still I need to breathe

from a love that smothers me

from a heart that breaks

from eyes that will not see

You give me hope

then you snatch it away

I take in the defeat

but here is another day

Another day to breathe

another day to hope

another tear that falls

I'm at the end of my rope

I need to exorcise you

from within my heart

I need to breathe

to take this love apart

Disband it

burn it

cleanse it with the fire

but no I can't

you are my hearts desire

You're my reason for life

my reason to survive

you're my pumping heart

the reason I'm alive

So, my love I will wait

I've nothing else to do

flare my nostrils

open my mouth

breathe in my love for you

The End

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