Sometimes I

I'm strong today, invigored with the fact of your want for me.. Oh yes I imagine myself queen, savior, ruler, peacemaker for this world, because you want me.. But, Sometimes I.. feel afraid, I feel pulled apart, I feel neglected.. I am weak, I am a turmoil, I am a peasant.. You seem so far away from me.

You see, I can face anything, I can swim the widest sea, climb the highest mountain, make my home on mars, take a walk on the sun.. if only I knew, that you loved me.

Today I am sad, I have cried so many tears, I don't have any left, so I can just recede, I can shrink, slink away to a corner.. I don't want to be seen, I don't want to hear the clicking of the lips, the pffting, the advice of how I should dismiss you.. I can't stand the pitying looks, the warm hugs, I don't want hugs from them..

They don't know, they don't understand, if they could just look into your beautiful blue eyes.. if they could know you as I do, the intimacies we have shared.. They would be astonished, they would be mesmerized, they would be speechless, they would understand..

Sometimes I... want to find my place, I want to be assured of my spot in your heart.. Sometimes I... want to be close to you, held, hugged tight, so tight.. I know your want of me... but,

Sometimes I.. need to hear you say.. You love me..

The End

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