A fish gets hooked to love and music

Soothing are the notes you play,

Mesmerizing are the words you say,

These moments captured in bliss, make this day,

Serenaded by your melody,

I watch the night sky shower above me,

As the hook catches my lip; I set adrift in the air,

To this hook I dare not carp,

There's dangerous comfort in playing of thy harp,

My heart says to thee,

Look at what I see,

Flying fish, up I flow in this foreign stream,

Empowered by an echoing breeze,

In your trance I depart, in your trance I return,

Swimming within the heavens,

Floating  far above, lost in love,,

Hooked to your melody, in harmony,

That feeling of heaven's touch lingers ringing,

With playful melancholy, It tickles Goosebumps into my gills,

It Resonates my soul so vibrant,

You set me free.




The End

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