Love was what you wanted to show me. You called it


Curled your tongue around the word tenderly

So that it flowed into my ears and trickled

Down my spine. You reeled me in:

Little fish me, dangling

On the hook of you.


Swimming in it, Love,

Oh weren't you just swimming in me.

We camouflaged our dreams

Beneath a surface of sanity.

I glided over you, I rippled through you.

I was the surprise of rain in your desert

You were the man I conjured up in my head.

I embodied you as fire,

But you decided to become smoke instead.


What a girl thinks of in times like these

Is hard to describe,

When the whole of Love crashes into her

And sends her reeling.

The wine glasses begin to glitter promises

And violins sound like laughter,

But roses start to look dangerous,

With their threat of thorns hiding behind a veil

Of red lace and sickly sweet perfume.


And when she is cradled, when she is spooned

Into the back of him,

Breathing in the incense of his scent,

She thinks that this must be Love, and that this

Is what she is destined for. Everything crystallized

Into this diamond drop earring of a moment

That she will wear all of her yesterdays.


This is Love, and this and this:

A faded photograph clutched to her heart

As the memories begin to disintegrate.

I can't remember his face anymore,

But I know his eyes were blue, that is all.

He taught me love, he taught me what it meant

All of its dimensions, all of its depths.


Drowning in it, Love, oh weren't we just drowning in it.


The End

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