Honey Badger Brian

The life and times of the Ultimate Honey Badger

Honey Badger Brian was having a wonderful day. He was full of spunk and energy, just waiting to get his hands on some fresh cobras!

It's time to throw out your clunky abacus and get with the times - everybody's talking about math and if you want to stop talking and start doing, youNEEDto get theTI-83 PLUS Graphing Calculator.


Men want to be it, women want to be with it.But men can also be with it and women may want to be it too - I'm not here to judge you, although I will if even for a second you're thinking about buying a calculator that isn't this slick homeboy right here.


This is aTEXAS INSTRUMENTSgraphic calculator. As inTexasthe state- where everything'sbigger- including themath. This calculator can solve Texas-sized problems. You hear that, Governor Rick Perry? I've got your answers right here - for a price.


This is the calculator that God uses when he wants to add up how long he'll let you live - and if you've got one of these, he'll probably let you live a little longer because he knows you mean business


Remember back in elementary school when that one kid showed you how to write "HELLO" and "BOOBS" with your calculator? Pretty fancy stuff, right? Well, 80085 and 43LL0 were fine in their day, but the T1-83 plus lets you straight-up write words with LETTERS. This calculator may mean business, but it knows how to have a good time -Hello Boobs, indeed.


You wanna do someMATRIX OPERATIONS, NEO? This guy has MATRIX OPERATIONS for days, and theTI-83 PLUSis one sequel that's actually worth your money.


All the hottest buttons are on this guy - you gotSIN,COS,TAN. Heck, there's even a button that just saysMATH. What does it do?! I thought all of these buttons did that. Looks like you have quite an adventure ahead of you as you unlock the secrets ofMATH, LOG, x-1, ALPHA, LN, and more. And for those of you old-school guys looking to do some of that classic math - we've got all your favorites -+, -, Xand much more!


This is theTI-83 PLUS. The calculator you need right now. It's 2011 - take what you deserve and seize your numeric destiny among the all-time great mathematicians.Euclid, Archimedes, Pierre de Fermat, Leonhard Euller, Bernhard Riemann- great minds all, but with this at your side, you could outcalculate any one of them at any moment. And not merely because they're all dead. 


This calculator, the calculator of your dreams, will be yours in amazing condition, complete with cover that nobody carved their name into. That's right, nobody could touch this calculator. Are you a bad enough dude to do math on this thing? Are you a fly enough chick? Are you a group of people pooling together their money for a shot at academic greatness? 


Let's see what you've got.

The End

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