Some people are just bastards. Or #$#*^$s. Or both. Perhaps actually, they are truly animals. I don't know, nor do I care.
What I DO know is that I'm gonna question some of the basic things.


how hard is it to just be human?

decent, perhaps bitter, beautiful, yet still rather unappealingly human?

to be natural and loving and hateful and just downright pitiful? 

how hard is it to be the only species with technology?

For Christ's sake! We're the only ones who are squeamish to use the outdoorsas a place for all types of release.


how difficult can it be to just be open,

carefree, not give a single damn (or flying fuck) about anything?

and how hard is it to accept the other members of humanity-

regardless of how unfortunate their existence may seem?

why in the world are humans so mean to other human beings?

why is cruelty one of the few things we claim as being the "natural order of things"?

why the hell is everyone so disconnected from everyone else and nature and everything?


why the hell are bikinis okay to wear out in public,

and yet a Bra- both of which are extremely similar- deemed whorish?

In my opinion, Bras in fact cover much more than thin, practically see-through cloth.

But that's just me.

And why the hell is it okay for men to wander the streets

screwing any and everything in arms reach.

yet if a woman was to do so she'd be openly criticized and ostracized beyond belief?

It's truly just a bunch of chauvinistic bullshit if you ask me.

Honestly-can someone just explain this "being human" concept to me?

The End

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