Homesick Haze...

Missing my Mississippi home...

When I'm in a homesick haze,

I think of things from my younger days?

The waves breaking on the shore,

The seagulls crying, "Gimme MORE",

Driving along the beach at sunset,

Looking to see what I've caught in my net,

Digging for crawdads in the ditch down the street,

Walking barefoot in the scorching  heat,

Visiting family on Sunday afternoon,

Turning up the radio to hear a great tune,

Wind blowing and knotting my hair,

Running wild in the street without a care!

Wishing upon that first bright star,

Asking Daddy to take the car.

Wearing new shoes till they give ya blisters-

Out cruising with my crazy sisters,

Shrimp gumbo cooking on the stove.

Gosh, my youth was a treasure trove!






The End

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