Homegrown TerrorMature

Open, those shutters

Let, the light in

Throw, on the sunglasses

Give, in to sin. 

This, is the end

There, are no rules

Here, in this life

We, conquer fools. 

Its that echo

That reflection

Of a thought

That one moment

Where I felt in awe

Where I heard

My voice speak

But my lips

Stood concrete.

It pummeled my brain

Drove my head

Right round insane

Crashed into the ground


I told them I couldn't fly

I waved my hands

And said "die die die"

But my head didn't think it

My lips just let it leak

And then it hit me hard

Hypnotism made my mind weak.

I am a puppet

To a master

Hands down disaster

Homegrown lilac dazzled fields approach me faster.

This is what my master planned all along

All those relaxing songs

Replaced by throngs of tears

And dense goodbyes

And hold my hand

This is the last word,


The End

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