Homecoming Revelation

To the boy standing in the corner of 

the room - eyes glazed with mournful

veils of red and green - I salute you.

This hall is filled with noise and squalor;

with tired faces and groaning youth;

but you stand slouched, amongst the brazen,

with eyes who've sadly glimpsed the truth

Those hands are cold and tried with failure;

that throat is harmed with voice so shrill;

that boy is shaken, real, so hollow;

a husk that's clearly lost it's will

A burden marred with tears of opal

does weigh the thoughts of man and child.

When light engulfs the void around him,

more civilized becomes the wild

The ground does shake, and air doth tremble,

as dust and dirt and wood and rain, 

collapsing soft upon wounded,

pronounce, prolong, the rotting pain.

That life is specks of cindered leaflets

amongst a sea of black and mold;

that we are stone and brass colossi

with dreams of steam, and mass, and gold.

The End

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