Home Poems

My measly attempt at a poem, and other people's probably brilliant attempts at a poem. Subject - HOME.

Home is the direction in which your thoughts drift.

Home is a reflection of all you have ever done.

Home is the phantom truth of every dreamed dream;

How you live life: sin for sin, deed for deed.

Home is your own compilation of lifelong dreams

And every goal you ever set entwined.

Home you may never have seen in your life,

Yet Home is your one ultimate destination.

Home is where your lifelong regrets will help you

And your unpraiseworthy gestures will weigh you down.

Home is the place where one day you will arrive,

So prepare now, for your warming, or be dissatisfied.

A homing pigeon will always come Home.

You too are a pigeon: you will come Home.

The End

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