Your bones they drown,
Drown inside your skin,
Your features thin,

What they could have been,

I ask your blood to dance,
And there your mouth it smiles,
You know what my words meant,

"You have lived too long,"

You said to me, a whisper without tone.
Fingers tense, tense along your throat,
And down it goes, the liquid flows,
And then surrounds, surrounds your soul.
Your heart it plays on forever,
It beats your mind, and that time,
That time I think you broke.
I rest across your breast,
Supple, smooth,

I’ll know you soon,

I’ll mend your crown,
Crown of gold,
And in the ground I’ll go,

Deep down,

In search of the perfect jewel,
That one belongs to you,
I’ll find others there too,
But this one’s for you, golden eyes.
You wait, you wait,
I am floating in space today,
Pull me back and I’ll show my great,
Great treasures,
To you, and only you.
To you I whisper, and this with tone,

I will save your bones,
I will dive into your flesh,
A home within my home,
You will live and I will hold
Your tense hands,
Your smirking blood,
And your widest eyes,

I can, if you'll let me try, shining smile.

The End

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