This is a poem I wrote about home for a competition. Write what you think defines the word home. The poem can be any style and length, just keep it to one chapter.


No matter how far in this language you roam

Such a word is not easily defined

Is it a physical place, or a state of mind?

Is it the familiar bricks, the well known address?

Or the people you love, your friends and your pets?

No one person can give the meaning to the word

As some interpretations seem quite absurd

Paul Young says his home is where he lays his hat

I don't quite know whether to agree with that

Many artists have followed in Paul's footsteps

A few sang 'Home is Where the Heart Is' with success 

I agree, I must say, with this title's author

As without heart, a house is mere bricks and mortar

And all the memories I have of 1 Downshire Square

Are of people I know, love, and for whom I care.

The End

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