Holly's Dream

Date written: 12 Sept 2005

Holly caught in fitful sleep:
her soul lost in the Monster's keep.

caught inside, can't come out;
the trap is real, though you doubt.
she cannot stir, she cannot wake--
this is real: it is not fake!

the castle which does hold her soul
tries to break united whole;
it does not want all, but part:
it wants her soul but not her heart.

Holly caught in fitful sleep:
caught in a well too deep.

forgo her body--it wants her soul!
lest: the reason to break the whole.
it wants it for its own means,
for the profit that it gleans.

she cannot stir, she cannot wake,
and the darkness will not abate.
though she struggle, though she scream,
it is muffled by the dream.

Holly caught in fitful sleep:
her soul taken by the monstrous keep.

when Holly wakes, her soul is lost
(her body broken: it is the cost
of daring to enter the Monster's keep
while your body is asleep.)

she feels no different when awake,
though for real it did take.
but when she dreams it is not right:
trapped in the castle is her plight.

Holly caught in fitful life,
caught up in the Monster's strife.

Holly is her own monster now,
standing on the Monster's prow.
for her master, she steals from dreams,
working toward the Monster's means.

Holly awake is much confused
for her dreams are abused. 

The End

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