Night's realisations of something missing in her life.

Fine then, leave the curtains open.
Perhaps some company will waltz in.
To talk with me, to warm me,
Will you always insist on turning out the light?
For I feel no safety in the light.

Shall I cut some fruit? Or perhaps a simple snap of the fingers.
To simply call to me some company in these lonely nights.
Granted, I may not need to go to such measures.
But it's better if you do. For then you know you've tried.
For then, they cannot turn away.

Alas, No knight in shining armour to make my dreams happier.
But then, armour is cold. Armour is an empty shell.
It has no soul. It cannot warm me.
Perhaps, I'll wait for the lightning, or the caw of a raven.
To tell me my time is nearly up.

The clock is getting faster. The clock inside my chest.
So I envy the heartless. They are not burdened
by something so fragile. For one who cannot love, cannot lament
what they once possessed. What they once betrothed.
Excuse my blood. I'll clean it up.

But for now, the colours are swirling so fast I cannot keep up.
So I do not bother anymore. Let them get dizzy.
Besides, All I see in my reflection is a sorrowful wolf.
Or a wisdomic raven. I've never been human. I'm not a monster.
Do not blink. I may just blow away with the next breeze.

So I'll Say It Now.

The End

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