Holler Back to Those that Protest

Just another obscure thing written at 2am

take up your skin,
colored skin
be it white, black, or any colors between,
and let it burn you

the way your lips did when they touched fire

sense is such a limited thing,
people say 'nonsense' but really they just mean 'illogical'

even though it's not logical
to keep loving a family that doesn't reciprocate,
but people don't laugh at that

they call me broken
but they whisper as i duct tape myself
back together again

all the king's horses and all the king's men
couldn't do a thing for me

why would you
scorn my tape
when you don't give me

it's the only reason i'm alive,
these bandages of words

they throw 'no'
back at people who cry 'yes'

for this resistance
seems to be the only real
tape for some people

The End

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