Holding on is easy, they say. Its letting go that’s hard, they say.

But to me, holding on is hard.

It requires so much effort and so much wasted time thinking about what’s already over, already gone and never coming back.

Holding on is hard, harder, because it requires a twisted point of view and twisted power.

It requires the power to torment yourself with past experiences, past happy moments, the past of everything.

Holding on is hard.

It gives the power to the past, allowing it to take control of your thoughts and emotions.

It is such a strong emotion, such a strong feeling that comes over you when letting go could just easily happen.

It makes me think of a helping hand, the hand before the fall.

Letting go of that hand is easy, you simply release your grip and then they fall and then it’s over.

But holding on, that takes some serious strength.

That takes putting all your weight into whatever you are holding onto.

It takes dedication and determination.

The dedication to keep holding on and the determination to not let go.

Because letting go is easy. You just do it. Snap of your fingers and it’s over.

But holding on consumes you. You no longer have a hold on the hand but a rope around its wrist.

And that rope is the power the past has because you have decided to hold on, instead of just let go. 

The End

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