Holding Onto The Hurt

She knew he was looking but pretended not to notice while he looked pretending not to care. The whole situation was tense and awkward, ending with an emotionless hug after many weeks. She was secretly aware of his every move and focused on acting like it wasn’t affecting her. He was unable to control his wandering eyes to her short skirt and long lean legs, the desperate need to touch, lick, feel them written all over his face. But at the same time completely unrecognizable to anyone else who hadn’t seen the look that meant his pants were getting tight.

But their time was over.

His bluntness of the one thing he really wanted has drove her away, even though it was so clear to him that she wanted it too. Sure, when his lips were on hers and his hands gripped her tightly she did want it. But then again, when he said things like I don’t want the complications of a relationship, (maybe we can date after) she didn’t. So it was over. Too fast. Too fast.

Her feelings for him were emotional while his were strictly physical. And although he made his intentions clear, it was hard for her to let go. She thought for a split second he actually liked her too. For their stimulating conversations and simple sparks, but no. Of course not. And almost in the blink of an eye he had moved on to the next girl that could actually give him what he wanted.


We keep running after the people who don’t want us, blinded by the possibility that they do. Ignorant to the truth.

You’re without them for a reason. If it was supposed to work out, then it would … but it didn’t.

So now it’s time to let go. It’s funny how we know why and how to let go, but we never do. We always make it ten times more complicated than it has to be. We always make it hurt ten times more than it should. So even if that one special person hurt you first, you’re essentially hurting yourself more by holding onto the hurt.

The End

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