Holding On

It's when you're going through hell in your life, and despite what the person you love may do to help, it never seems like it's enough

Here comes another day

Although these black clouds fade to grey

I still sit here, in a wall of silent sorrow

Wondering if I can still live for tomorrow

I never knew the world would bring me so much pain

I never knew the world could be so cruel to me


I tried to imagine a better life

And though she stays be my side

I know I don't have the strength to hold on

I tried to comfort myself with glowing words

But when the joy is gone, the pain is only worse


I carry her name in my heart but it's hopeless

Without a future, without a prospect

I'm soon to lose my home too

But if the worst should come

And she leaves me forever

I know I'd never make it through


A fragile balance, and these pills do nothing for me

Many of us, stuck in a cycle, only the corrupt are free

I know she's with me still, and I'm glad

I know she loves me, and how she tries

But she cannot hold back the tears I cry


One angry shout after the next

And my heart begins to break

Breathing in, the pain it stings

It's too much for anyone to take


So I stand here, the light in my eyes burnt out

The energy in my muscles collapses to nothing

Liquid fire, one part of my death

I hope to never return here 

The End

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