Holding back

A poem can mean a lot of things but when it comes from the heart, that is where it has the most meaning to the beholder.

Here I am,

This is who I am,

Not trying to please you; not trying to be perfect,

I already am perfect,

Stop telling me im repugnant;

I have my own happiness,

Stop asking me questions with only one answer,

Because my answer wont be the right one,

Not anymore.

I am not perfect and so aren't you;

So what ties us together?

You know you don't love me, So why ask me to kiss you.

I am not gonna let this get to me;

The past is holding me back as it is;

I want to enjoy my life now

I want to live each second like it's my last

I want to forgive and let go of the past

I want a smile in my happy place

I want to be young forever through time and space

I want to have fun again

I want to fly

I want to follow the beat of a different drum.

The End

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