Hold strong

To my darling Tay

Remember when things weren't as grim
your words, they yanked all that grew thin
you emerged out of the blue
reminded me how to stay true
to hope and to dream
to be vulnerable, to bleed
no fear, no holding back
you reminded me to aspire
to hold strong regardless of all that would tire.

The distance, it's been knock knocking
made us believe to be apart would be better than docking
our hearts so frail and so battered
I would rather sulk in this mess then leave us shattered
I'll tie the fine string around all that I am
I'll make my stand, remind you this is far from a sham
how I feel, my number one priority
is you in my life, I need you for you hold authority
of my heart, you are my all, you take precedence over all the majority.

The End

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