Hold Onto Your Sanity Dear

Authors Note : Words seem to fill the page when I feel emotionally torn. Fighting for something you love is something I've never done, and It's one of the hardest things to do. It tears you apart, rips through your heart, and you wonder is it worth it? Well. I'm still figuring that out. So here's a poem <3

Constructive Critisism Recommended <3

Do his words still speak the same

that same, comforting call

that soothes your soul?

Does his touch

still mend that broken heart,

the heart which he

taught how to love?

Does his prescense

still comfort you

from the demons of

the world?

Do you still believe

it will work out,

far from today,

far from now?

Do you still think

your sanity will stay put

when you risk everything

for something you


Do you still think

your strength to fight

is strong enough to

carry on, for months

on end?

Do you think his love

will push you through,

as it has in the past,

without stopping,

a constant need?

Do you think your love,

his love as well,

is enough to make

it through the storm

without crashing?

Do you hope it will

all turn out in the end,

a perfect fairy tale

ending, one you've never

believed in?

Do you think it will

turn out for the better,

scars showing, battles


Or will it all fade away,

like a fallen leaf from a tree

drifting away,

never to be seen again?

The End

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