Hold Onto Grief

I'm finally free from the shackles,
Fleeing across the barbed wire ground.
Words of liquid hatred,
Burning open wounds long sealed,

Scars forgotten, reappearing,
Bringing sour memories mean't to be erased,
Foul fingers of the past,
Coldly grabbing me and pulling me back.

The more I say no,
They all say yes,
Against the one innocent,
I'm drowning in the dark.

The silence is deafening,
After my propose,
I say I wont be coming back,
The cheers in their mind are almost spoken.

Sickness to my core,
Eating me from the inside,
Making a home,
In the depths of my corpse.

Drag myself out,
Of a coffin long abandoned,
Wipe the dirt off my knees,
And straighten my posture.

I'll look over the land,
Ready to start anew,
Cracks in my heart,
Tears at my eyes.

Blood like gravel,
It's burning my skin,
I can't see above the mist,
My life's too blurry.

Obscure my vision,
From a time to come,
I know I will trip,
I know I will fall.

Grazed palms and legs,
Burning cheeks,
An inferno of laughter,
Is sneering me on.

Life is too harsh,
To take it for granted,
To close your mouth,
And see the best.

So I take a knife,
And slice my wrist,
The bloods so red,
I swim in my sorrows.

Pale in the face,
Maroon in the eyes,
Bruised fingers and hands,
From dragging me out.

Clinging to the edge,
An ocean of pity rolls beneath me,
I will never let go,
But I'll hold onto grief.


The End

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