Hold My Hand

I miss you.

I don't know if it's just me, but I need you to hold my hand, desperately. 

To feel your light hands at the sides of my waist, flitting over me,

But I felt like you were only after me for the chase, 

And turned you away before you could do that to me,

Now I hear you laugh, and wish it was something I'd said that made you laugh,

But I must reap what I sowed, and sleep in my own bed, and follow my own path,

I want to hope that yours and mine intertwine,

I wish you were here, behind me, holding me tight,

Your delicate fingers,

So light over mine,

As we held hands,

Do you miss me, like I miss you?

Not for each other but what you can do for me, and I for you?  Do you miss it too?

In all honesty, I think it's just your ego that bruised.

But I still miss you, as a friend, and more,

I'm torn,

from needing you, and not,

Please help me lean to your side, by giving me a hint that you care,

If you did care, I'm sorry that I fought,


Just hold my hand.

The End

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