Hold Me.

You hurt me

More then you’ll ever know

More then anyone’ll ever know

Because I’ll keep it inside

The pain

The hurt

It’ll lie beside the love

The love I still have for you

And you say I don’t care

You’re nasty

And you’re mean

And you just hurt me all over again

But I just can’t help

I can’t help come running back to you

And I know you’ll hurt me again

I know it’s an inevitable thing

But I can’t help it

It’s not possible for me to not do

For me to not reach out to you

And I’d give anything


To have you hold me again

Hold me like I matter

But I know you won’t

Because you’re the one that doesn’t care

Not me


You can ask my heart

My damaged


Broken heart

You hurt me

You hurt me a lot

But no matter what

My love for you has taken up permanent residence

And I wish it would leave

My gosh I do

But it isn’t possible

‘cause you got close

Closer then I wanted

And you hurt me

Like I knew you would

And yet there’s something addictive about you

So damn bloody addictive

So keep running back

And it’s become an instinct

So please stop hurting me

Because my heart

My heart can’t take it

So I’m begging

Hold me again

Hold me like I matter


The End

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