Oops in the last verse it says you instead of your, twas a little accident!!


Hold onto my hand tight,

Till your sharp nails indent my skin a little,

Till there’s a sting with your touch,

Then leave abruptly,

Leaving only the marks of your grip.


Hold onto my heart forever,

With a grip that’s never loose.

Be careful not to bruise it,

Because I gave it only to you.


Hold onto my arm today,

For I need you to steady my walk,

Don’t allow me to stumble,

For I fear if I fall,

We shall walk together no more.


Hold onto my hair whilst I sleep,

A gentle and soft touch.

Stroke your fingers through it lightly,

And try to hold off the dawn my dear.


Embrace me all day long,

You hold is what I desire.

Strong and safe,

Like a fortress,

You are my castle.

Hold onto my hand again softly,

As I slip into the last sleep,

Your love has kept me going,

You will forever have a hold on me.




The End

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