Painstaking Abandonment and complete dismissal describe this poem.

 But i'm not even a friend and that's all i'll ever be...


You don't even see me as an ally


i can't really see why the hell why


are you really that thick?


You don't even like me, it's sick!


Love cannot just be abandoned


unlike any other emotion can be completely random


but my heart chose you, and you don't know


my heart cries so much everytime you go


you have your life and i can't interfere


i just wish we just that little bit more near


why can't we make something a little more dear?


I see you at school, and my heart leaps high


then you leave me and inside i cry


i fancy you, beyond compare


but you don't love me back, it's so unfair


why can't you love me at all, not ever?


make fruitful this always courageous endeavour


i want you by my side, forever and ever!


I'd do anything to hear you love me back


but i'm on the shelf again, being attacked


emotions kill from the inside out


so i will certainly die there is no doubt


the lives of everyone are so important


apart from mine, lying dead and dormant


the powers of this make it far from boring.


I'm fighting a war with you and you will win


even if i commit some deadly sin


you will never see me for what i am


you think i'm just another guy, maybe i am...


but Death doesn't want another trip


but when it comes to you he'll make it quick,


for i will soon be captured in his bony grip

The End

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