Im done


I thought you were through

Through with this bullshit that happened right in front of my face

Which was struck by that longing and hate

That hate that was purposed by a piggyback ride

That turned my insides out

This meaning me puking my heart out on to a sidewalk for everybody to see

And no it’s not nothing if you know her like I do

When we met at least three times a week for tea

It destroyed me

Like what kryptonite did to Superman

What 911 did to the Twin Towers

And what the atom bomb did to Hiroshima

And yeah this might be an over reaction

But with my best friend that I’ve known since four

And what this chemical interaction has done

Is dropping me to the floor

With a one two to the chin 

Because this is it

Their will be no more

Because this shit has hurt me like never before

The End

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