Hit Me

Why don't you hit me

Like you said you would?

Can't make it hurt now

Like you said you could

Did I make you cry, babe?

Did I make you cry?

Do you want the truth, babe,

To be shrouded in a lie?

Isn't it the life now

Lying in the gutter

The voices in my head, dear

They're beginning to mutter

Isn't it the kick, babe

When you feel me on your skin

You can't take it any more

I've got you in a spin

Wanna make it through the night, dear?

'Cos I wanna hear you scream

Won't stop till the suns up

I'm the nightmare in your dream

Why don't you hit me like a man babe

Like you promised me 

This can be the last time

'Cos bad things come in threes

The End

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