History Is Written by the VictoriousMature

Just a thought I put down. We did an English essay all about war and whatnot a while ago, and it inspired these feelings.

I just want to say that I can't believe that i have to click the 'contains mature content' button for the word "@Fuck@".

He stands there in his suit,
Haughtiness personified.
Am I the only one who is disgusted?

We won, yes,
But at what cost?

He killed innocents,
Sacraficed happiness.
All for the greater good.

We won, yes,
But at all costs.

The people gaze at him,
Their adoration is palpable.
And I sneer in return.

We won, yes,
But not really.

People died.
Children cried.
Mothers and wives are widowed and childless.

On both sides.
But more the other's than ours.

But, no!
We won!
Rejoice, and celibrate!
For other humans are dead!

Fuck you.

War is useless.
And history is written by the victorious.

So who hears the cries of the losers?

It's not 'us'.
It's definitely not him.

And I'm sad to say it's not me,
Because I'm stuck, 
Amid the cheers of the victorious.

The End

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