His Suicide NoteMature

My best friend wrote a suicide note and now he is missing and no where to be found. yes this is true story.

His Suicide Note


He was my best friend

He made things alright

Suicide is a dangerous thing

Don’t leave my sight tonight

I promise you everything will be alright

This is not your time

No not tonight

I understand your pain

The mystery in your life


You were the happiest person I ever met

You gave me faith

That I can do it because you did

You took so much pride in who you were

And your obstacles that you overcame


I saw your note online and I cried

I cried for weeks because I didn’t want to believe it

You were my everything

You were my rock

My best friend


Now no one knows where you are

Or if your still alive

Jay I promise you

Everything will be alright


your dream was to be a chef in Romania

you can still do that

please be out there

I cant lose you

I refuse


Your note broke my heart

I never would’ve known that you were in that much pain


All those nights when I want to die

I think of the pain you caused me

And I wouldn’t want to do that to my loved ones

J I love you

Please come home


The End

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