His Resurrection is Real

I woke up today and started thinking about this while thanking God for how great He is.

There are many who question the authenticity of my Savior,

Ridiculing the people who believe he returned from the grave.

To those in disbelief, gladly I will speak of the sacrifice he made for me.

For my belief in it has set me free.

I will never stop testifying to the credibility of His conquest over death.

For no matter how incredulous His resurrection may seem,

It is through it I know I have been redeemed;

I was awoken from my dark dream by the light of the Son.

He was the only One able to save me from my sable circumstances.

And give me second chances with his unchanging Grace.

The end of my death sentence was punctuated by his crucifixion.

Enabling me to begin a new line in the Book of Life.

His act of love is the lifeline that links me to eternal life,

And for that, I will work to give Him glory.

So this is my testimony; this is my story.

The End

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