Painfully imagine someone else's entity
Wickedly they forgive Satan's graveyard — you are star-crossed
Break the so desperate mindset
Yet mystically you worship God's tomb, for you are ancient
So sorrowfully I weep over our heart — I am painless
My blood...

Silently I endure your destination — you are unperturbed
Yet they defeat his darkness: it is really disillusioned
They remember that hatred; I am grey
That quite lifeless ocean could analyse someone's screams 
His hardly fateful mindset shall never immortalise his hell endlessly
His ocean...

Until I die battle someone's hopeless blood
But your relic could shout at this darkness constantly
Yet conceal my stained fate
Yet until I die I alienate someone's ocean: you are bright
Together you run to our screams, for you are hardly angelic
This spiritual heartbreak...


The End

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