His Only Girl


The increase for my love is real. There is no such thing as splitting. I love him. He makes me realize there are guys out there for me. The touch from his hand is permanent. The beautiful feeling I get inside as he holds me. A quest to love him is intimate. The touch of is fingers rise to the feeling. This is the real deal for me. 

I fell in love when I least expected it. My body feels heavy when I'm around him. He makes me feel so beautiful and radiant. I want to let him know how I feel. The dreams that I had with him. They would tell me how I can laugh with him.

While I don't know about him personally; I do know that I can't get him off my mind. The way he love me in spirit is something no one will understand. Complicated to say how much I am in love with him. He makes every woman he meets fall in love with him. But he knows that I'm his only girl.

The End

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