His Night Angel--The Poem

She Walks Amoung Darkness
Staring Ahead At Nothing,
As If She Were Dreaming

Dark Waves Rolling Down Her Back,
Dancing Gracefully In The Wind
Pale As Snow
Eyes Like The Stormy Sea
A Voice Like A Chorus,
Of Angelic Bells
Fangs Like Daggers
Enough To Cut Throught Steel Or Flesh
Lips A Red Crimson

Stars Shine Relentlessly
On Her Fair Hair & Shoulders
She Is My Day,
My Night,
My Impossibly Beautiful Starey Sky.

I Do Not Care What She Is, What She May Become
Or What She Is Capable Of.
I Would Do Anything For My Lover
Whether She Be Mortal Or Immortal.
She Has Saved Me From Death, & From Life
My Blood Runs Through-out Her Viens
I Am A Part Of Her
As She Is of Me
She Is My Night Angel

The End

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