His Guccis Have My AttentionMature

A man with beautiful Gucci shoes has my attention

A man of 55 0r 56

Silver-haired and dignified at a town meeting on a cool evening. Leaning against a desk.

Catches my eye. Cool and tall and lean.

Navy blue blazer, burgundy silk tie, starched white shirt with cufflnks, expensive grey woolen trousers ending in a cuff. 

An extension of naked sockless lightly tanned ankle,

And a pair of impeccably polished black Gucci loafers. Completes his simple class perfection. Gleaming leather and new soles. Smug and secure, held on to long thin feet by toes and heels.


I want to push him back against the desk, raise his long legs and pull off those Guccis - one at a time.

And leave his handsome mouth open as I initial the sole of his right foot with a black marker.

I will leave with his Guccis and make a place for them at home.

"Watch out for sharp objects as you make your way home on smooth soles which do not match the necktie and the wool trousers and the pocket handkerchief in your blazer" 

He will explain his bare feet to his wife as he takes off his tie, lets his blazer fall and takes off his pants.


The End

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