I wish I could be a hippy.
With half a gram,
and tie dye shirts.
ignore the pressure of the world,
switch off and numb the hurts.

Wake up every day.
with peace and love in heart.
create a plan to change the world,
or at least make a start.

Have a play on the acoustic,
speak a little French.
take a stroll round the park,
sit drinking cider on the bench.

Discuss with my fellow hipsters,
Or have a little moan,
at what’s wrong with society.
and why everyone’s mindless drones.
as we sit there being stoned,
Giggling lots and being happy.
Finding beauty in the life,
everyone else just finds crappy.

Yeah, I wish I could be a hippy.
but it’s just not in my nature.
I’m a slave to the calls of life,
the beautiful enemy and creator.
For as long my pulse sings,
And my lungs still have breathe,
I’m drawn to my  dull lifestyle choice,
Until the heart outwears the breast.

The End

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