A simple love poem, about someone who, after so many years apart, can still hold the key to your heart and make you feel so alive and in love

I saw us standing on the top of the hill

The city sprawled all before us

The forest behind us

And hands placed in one another

I fell in love with you that day

I though you I had moved on

I hoped you had moved away too

But all I see, hazing my view

Burning away at logic, I'm so in love with you

I looked at the stars and felt the breeze

Purging my anxieties, with the autumn leaves

Only a withering moment, but we'll make the most

We'll embrace and we'll come alive

Somewhere by the coast

Friends in the distance

All night we looked out at the sky together

My heart raced with a love I couldn't measure

My mind pulsed with memories I'll always treasure

A wild fire in your eyes I'll love forever

That was the saturday the grey dissipated

My spirit lifted and my heart elated

Laughter echoes through the summer days

The one day in my life

I wished everything there had remained

The End

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