Highway Smile

You come along with your highway smile,

To drag me from the road where i hand and knee's crawled,

Its only every so often that i feel this empty way 

When I want to be knocked, hit, struck down in the path

Or something hurtling, moving forwards, unlike me. 

Because everything stands shock, still in my day dreamer head

Theres a silence...

Every detail is the same as It was, from months back, from years

And I see lost streets of people stop dead where they are

To stare at their weathered hands, and what has slipped through their grasp 

So for something to come streaming, running towards me 

At such a danger pace, to knock me straight 

Would be all too welcome, to wake me, shake me 

And you fell upon me with your highway smile 

Preaching words you thought you should say, 

To make the world seem brighter for a dark cloud someone, 

Looking at me in the eyes, surprised and lying to yourself 

And you ran towards then fell and now you make me feel 

Like I'm better than I let myself down trodden walls believe

Because if i stand in my tracks, when that something hurtles past

It wont matter what anyone thinks of me...

And When you ask me questions that make me smile a little,

just a small amount

It's a Difficult thing for someone as tired as me

To admit your unsubtle attempts, and that highway smile

Help me

To breathe  

The End

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