Higher Than Chaos - Into An Explosion

part of a recent cache of poems I wrote a while ago that I found under my PS3 the other day...don't ask :)

Deeply echoing, cracked eye-sockets and falling

Glass, raining debris, cloud my

Vision, poisonous smoke and tendrils of

Ivy, uncut cocaine in heaven-white snow-storms.


Break open the chrysalis, out slithers a

Cursed cure for life, no hypodermic can

Black out the flash-grenade rain,

There's blood in my mouth

And everything's falling.


Empty hallways, hollow valleys between cliffs

Where nightmares glow, light up the

Chasm, a lantern split in half.


The sparkling dust, it settles on my face,

It dehydrates my bleeding lips.

My stitches are undone like lace,

The cure is worse than the ailment.

But what more could a dead god ask for?


Burning like a witch, my heart is screaming,

Blistered, purging sins and pumping crimson,

Needles under nails and pull the

Wings off when if falls.


There's nothing real, the fingers on my wrist go

Bloodless white and I fall into you...

The End

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