High School Poetry

This New Strange Thing

This new strange thing,

Is puzzlingly warm, and bright and bracing.

So open your arms, your eyes, your senses,

Don’t hold back, refrain, let go or suppress

It, and feel loved, alive, awake and amazing.


Can’t Put My Words Right Together

Can’t put my words right together,

Mind is bloated, befuddled, bewildered,

Despite my best effort to focus, mend kilter

Swirling thoughts left untended

I feel somehow at ease, light-hearted and kosher.


Tonight My Heart Races,

Tonight my heart races,

Swallowed completely, in one’s great embraces,

Fully enveloped in the cleverest of cases,

To the rhythm at which this vessel a-paces,

Fast enough now to venture distant places.


Lo, Mine Heart Descends,

Lo, mine heart descends,

Besmirched, asunder

As though struck by thunder

From whence amity and zeal once sprang unbridled

Now only despair portends.


Thither Do I See Torches’ Glare,

Thither do I see torches’ glare,

And hither ye shoulders bumptious snare,

Atop the gallows I must dare

Await the garrotter’s macabre affair

‘Fore my neck breaks, eyes roll a-stare.


Embark On A Solaced Quest, (Europe Trip)

Embark on a solaced quest,

Beguiled reverie upon me and apparition,

Thought not words told in jest,

Delve I did, and was stricken with affliction

Of malady, loss, inconvenience and grief,

However, brief respite from routine of my fief.


From The Leaves Of The Small Trees

From the leaves of the small trees

On the coolest breeze,

Reflected on the still ‘mong fallen stone,

‘Spite torrent rain the birds have flown

Near and far they take wing,

Leave in autumn, return come spring.


The End

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