Just a little thought I had. Share your High School related ideas.
[i use number scaling for speed of pronunciation when writing spoken word, that's what the numbers are. 1 is very fast 5 is very slow, you get the idea]

3]When I first got to high school (pause 2)

3]the first thing i learned was that everyone hates freshman (pause 1)

2]This seemed incredibly unfair

2]Seeing as we're just kids

2]So what if we're new?

2]Why would you care?

3]I mean,[2] look at this! (1)

3]We get to go to this big school

2]Burdened by less and less rules

2]with each passing day

3]and sometimes

2]when the cute girls pass by (1)

2]they'll give you a little wink

1]and you smile (-1)

2]and stare

3]and you let[4] the moment[5] ~walk away~ (4)

3]"save it for another day" they'll say (at this point i stopped spacing because it was late)

"you're just a freshman, there's no way" (i will probably continue it later)

and the next day

when she glides your way

you'll say "hi"

but just "hi"

hide your pride

maintain your stride

and keep rolling

roll right down that hill until one day

YOU'RE the upperclassman

and YOU are impressive

that way she can't say no.

But WHY hate freshman?

They're annoying, yes

and act like they're the best

but that isn't the reason for all this hate.

As I let my freshman year go

in those warm days of June

i found myself not wanting to leave

I knew

that as soon as i walked out those doors

on that last day

and summer came

i wouldn't be a freshman anymore

and i would miss it.

I'd miss my senior friends who somehow found they're way to graduation

I'd miss those halls during summer vacation

I'd miss that feeling I had

the first time i walked through those halls

that "~woooooow~ this is high school?"

that feeling...

that feeling would be gone...

It'd be someone else's turn...

Someone else's turn to make friends with those above him!

to cherish and follow those friends like brothers

through thick and thin

good mistakes and bad,

those friends would now be his...

Someone else's turn to fall in love!

And although lust and love are commonly intertwined

especially in High School

he'd somehow make the distinction.

He'd get to experience how her beautiful hair settles on her face

He'd long to see her whenever she's away

He'd experience the feeling I got when she finally says that word

her way of saying

"you beat the odds,

you climbed the mountain"

just a simple "yes"

that one word that sends a boy's heart up his throat


how i'd long to feel that word again!

not just hear it's meaning

but see the events to which it might lead!

As I walk through the door

and move up the grade

id be giving my space away

a new freshman gets to take my place

to make the decisions i made

to embrace them and make them his own

their no longer mine

and i will hate him in spite of that

and that is why

every year,

we hate freshman

The End

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