Hide and Seek


A leaf turns brown

A well runs dry

A second, a minute

Tears and a sigh


Sorrow dug a cavity in his chest,

Fed by sin and mortal catastrophe.

Regret inundates his empty soul,

It churns within, a whirlpool of misery


He ran; his steps grew longer

His feet sucked down by Punishment

Blurry visions, a silent mockery

Was he guilty? Was he innocent?


Society’s walls choke his soul

He strives to fight an unlost war

They told him he was not enough

Acceptance, a phenomenon yet to be born.


He spread his wings,

Flew towards the imminent light,

They cast a net, trapped him within

To break away, he had no right


We all hide behind a conjured mask of beauty

An illusion that shields us from unnecessary interrogation

Delve deep and within the folds

One can find the true key to one’s imagination


To conform or not to conform?

The End

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