Hidden Moon

Scared, the life you led, alone,
Drying tears so long past gone,
For when there was no second chances,
Just vacant songs guarding fears,

Safety in a stray, ghosted thought,
A formal dance with your former heart,
Breaking stride was always yours,
Mine, the love, you never lost,

Here you come, and then you go,
Another wave of silenced blows,
Left of centre, dressed in red,
A deadly gait I'd never known,

I struggle with sleep, fraught
with belief, departed and weak,
Sound, it keeps even when late,
My head, so filled and weighted,

Deep within thought, perhaps,
I wish your existence had quietly lapsed,
Gone in folds, the air collapsed,
and dancing within the vacated space,

For so brief, it would certainly be,
Until once again, untoward me,
I make you close, tangled in noise,
Idea or in form, the unavoidable rose,

Arising , convolute, brazenly voiced,
Distend, left once, the faltering choice,
I'd make sense of the waiting and want,
To worsen yet the oncoming tide,

Spiral without a sound, torpid and mythic,
Petals spreading among the crowds,
Listless once, I swear I saw,
Blooming late, but with colour full.

The End

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