I live in a town down in North Idaho.

It's a small little town to which nobody goes.

It easy to look down and hide your nose 

in some book.

Hide your face from those looks,

those looks that kill.

Those looks that scream, "you're going to Hell."

I  am already there,                                                                                             I probably will.

That's the sad nature of the beast.                                                            At least, when I die.

But, the beast keeps me well fed.                          But for now, it seems I am already there.

There is always a feast.                                                      I need a solution and I need it fast.

I snack on the seven cardinal sins.                    I've been feeding a beast and I will not last.

We've been together for as long as we know.

Since the beginning of man.                                                                Since eighteen years ago.

There is no way to stop her.

She's too good.                                                                                                          She's too bad.

There is nothing to do.

We can not compromise.

I need to feed.                                                                                                     She needs to die.

We've been with each other,

through thick and through thin.

I'd miss her.                                                                                                                I'd miss her.

But there is no way to win.

We're fed up with each other. 

One of us needs to go.

One of us needs to leave this small town in northern Idaho.

So, I left.                                                                                                         So, I threw her out.

I went on to feed on other things.                                                A procedure worth the cost.

Other people,                                                                                                          I am fine now,

other places.                                                                                                             I am me now.

Corrupting kings and queens.                                                         I am interacting, normally.

I do miss her.

It was fun.

Pushing her to be bad.                                                                                Forgetting the rules.


If I hadn't been so scared--

To stay.                                                                                                                               To play.

We would still be together.

The End

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