Glad It Was Never StartedMature

Found this on my blog....Taking it back a year or two haha :3 One of my better ones from before I stopped writing.
So yea. xoxo

pride is the wound

the heart is a room

split into two

sliced diced

tossed into memory pie

who couldve known that these 

times of you and me would be so damned bittersweet

tart on my tongue

now this love stings 

the tremors that it brings

and the phone rings but neither of us pick it up

its a standoff

somethings gotta be wrong

and fuck me if i know

because i dont wanna know

dont need to know

because as far as im concerned

you can take your shit and deal with it

and i'll take mine.

because who the hell do

you think you are sitting there in my brain

humming and strumming your guitar

like my heart is a chord

with the strings  broken

but now its over 

before it even had begun.

The End

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