blackbird singing in the dead of night

blackbird singing,

take these broken wings,

but they're wings that no one notices

are useless, everyone just sees

what they want to.

i can see it's wrong,

no one else seems to,

and this blackbird spends

his nights in my head,

roams the shadows, 

crevice of the scary part of

my mind, dark and terrifying.

his foot's padlocked to my brain,

stuck there forever and past,

because I can't let him sing in front of others,

that'd mean me doing the exact same thing.

so blackbird singing,

take this scarred eyes,

steal them for me,

sight for a couple gold coins,

selling valuables like they're nothing

more than common trinkets on the street.

so take my wings, take my eyes,

take everything you think matters to me,

but as long as you leave my hands and my tongue,

you've never really got me.

The End

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