Hey Teddy

This poem is about a teddy bear that I love so much, because one of my best friends bought it for me on Valentines day. There are two pictures that go along with the poem, but I don't think/know how to put the pictures on here.

Hey Teddy!

You’re so soft and sweet

You keep me warm at night

And when I need you

There you are waiting for me


Hey Teddy!

You make my day

And when I am scared

You are there to keep me safe


Hey Teddy!

You’re such a sweet bear

With that joyous smile always on your face

Nothing will ever compare


Hey Teddy!

I am getting older

And I can’t take you everywhere I go

But I promise that I will come back

And you’ll never be alone

Hey Teddy!

Oh, how I love you so

You feel me with joy

And that’s why I will never let you go


Hey Teddy!

You’re so soft and sweet

No matter how many years go by

You will always be my friend

And without you, I am incomplete


Hey Teddy!


The End

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