My Question, Who is She?

Hey beautiful girl,

What's got you

So twisted deep inside

Are you so labored and pristine    



I wonder if this girl is someone you knew

Or maybe a part of your  imagination

Perhaps she's only here on paper for the purpose of the poem

If only I knew


She's special

She knew you, you created her

Or she was the basis for your unfinished creation

She had your thoughts,

Held them in her hands calm and steady

I wonder if she cost you hours of time and sleep

Time I never had


I bet you struggled over words to describe her

You, trying to put this girl on a page

Me, trying to understand

Hours laboring away

Hours unknown to me

I wonder if she's perfect to you

Or if she's just sad and broken

Who is she


I'm jealous of her

This girl had more of your time than I

She stole your thoughts

She was in your mind

She knew more than I'll ever know

She had more than I ever will

But I guess in the end neither of us said goodbye

You never said goodbye to this beautiful girl

The End

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